Estate Planning

The attorneys at Memory & Day can assist individuals with planning their estates.  This assistance includes helping clients preserve their assets and covering sensitive issues that might arise.  All estates are different; therefore, Memory & Day’s attorneys takes a personalized approach to each client’s estate.  Our attorneys examine all potential options and assist each client in choosing the route that best fits his or her needs, all while minimizing future expenses, reducing tax liability, and maximizing protections for their families.

For individual clients, Memory & Day offers services such as drafting wills; powers of attorney, or advanced healthcare directives.  Memory & Day can also assist with the administration of these documents, which may include filing the documents in the appropriate court, attending court hearings, or assisting others in doing the same.

For more complex estates, Memory & Day can offer assistance with implementing and administering business reorganizations, gift programs, family limited partnerships, and family limited liability companies.  Memory & Day can also help with drafting and administering different types of trusts, including life insurance trusts.  If estate tax returns or estate income tax returns are required, Memory & Day can help a client enlist the services of a capable CPA firm.